Friday, May 25, 2012

Ways to Make Some Money

Take advantage of the season. In the winter shovel snow from driveways and walkways for people you can't or just don't want to do it themselves. In the summer, cut lawns and clean gutters. I know I would have to pay someone to do yard work in the summer for me if I didn't have my wonderful hubby. I'm allergic to insect venoms and I'm terrified of being stung or bit while outside. So I would be the type of client you could help.

There are survey sites all over the internet that pay cash or in gift cards. Sign up at one of those sites and take surveys in your spare time. Survey Savvy is one source.

Do things noone else seems to want to. There is a kid in our neighborhood who will "pooper scoop" your yard once a week for $20/week. That is $80 a month times however many families have you doing this. No it isn't a fun job, but he is taking advantage of what noone wants to do.

Ways to Make Money:
Sell yourself....NO not that way. You can sell your blood, plasma, eggs, sperm. You can even go take part in a drug trial.

Please do not write nasty comments about this. If it isn't for you, then don't do it. The money it could bring in could keep a family afloat. It is an option for someone. So if you don't agree, please refrain from comment.
Sell your hair. The hair can be used for wigs and hair extensions. Look at places like People make a good bit of change from doing this.
If you have an IPhone there is an app on there that you can open and when you are watching TV it logs what you watch. You get paid on a point system.
Love dogs? Here is your chance to make money working for the dogs. Be a pet sitter or a dog walker. There are some pet owners that don't have time to walk their dogs or can't due to health issues. You would be a Godsend to them. Pet sitting is another way to make money. Start with people you know and the word will spread.
Love to shop? Be a personal shopper for those who hate it or don't have the time. If you have a knack for picking those perfect gifts or for clothing....this would be a great job for you. I see personal shoppers at the grocery store all the time. Usually shopping for wealthier seniors or busy execs who don't have time for it.
More quick ideas:
Bartend at parties and private functions
Teach swimming lessons
Car Valet
Deliver Pizzas
Sell digital photos
Start an on-line store
Sell bottled water at concerts and festivals
Have a car wash
Clean houses
Sell baked goods
Lawn Care
Become a mystery shopper
Paper Route
Baby Sitting
Collect Aluminum Cans
Start a Yard Sign Business (the type that announces babies, wedding, graduation and rent them out)
Stage homes
Look for odd jobs on CraigsList
Rent out a room
Paint house numbers on curbs (around here they charge $10 to do this)  A little reflective paint and some # stencils and you have a business.
Sit with the elderly and be a helper
Sell your crafts
Here is a link to more ideas:

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