Sunday, June 23, 2013

Morgan's Baby Shower

Here are some pics of the things that were made for my daughter's "Owl" themed baby shower.  Some really cute ideas!

Here is the Welcome Wreath I made out of diapers to welcome guests.

This is a picture of the diaper cake.

We tied pictures of her different stages of pregnancy from balloons that were on the ceiling.  From the ultra-sound pictures to her latest picture taken at 35 weeks.

Some favors I made with baby food jars.  Heads are styrofoam balls painted.  Some google eyes and a pipe cleaner for the hair.  The little pacifiers can be found in craft and party supply stores.

I made this Owl Centerpiece from paper towel tubes and toilet tissue tubes, scarpbook paper and google eyes.  I wrapped it in a little tulle. 

My husband made this fruit Owl Centerpiece.  It was a real hit at the shower!

My best friend made these beautiful cupcakes that she featured under glass.  She brought out a whole tray of them after the table cleared a bit.  She is sooo talented.

Here is how the table looked.

A better picture of the cupcakes.

The favors that we sent everyone home with.  Cookies by Karen and the baby favors by me.

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