Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chicken & Spinach Pasta Bake

Chicken & Spinach Pasta Bake

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  1. Sally this is another GREAT inexpensive dish that is a BUDGET STRETCHER. I used plain petite diced tomatoes and my own Italian spice blend added a finely chopped bell pepper and sauteed the onions, peppers tomatoes and spices together for about 15 minutes to break the spices down in to the mixture - I am also vegan so I doubled the spinach and used 2C cheese (instead of 1 1/2) and used 2 8 oz packs of drained and pressed tofu cubed instead of chicken (I like to "squeeze" the liquid out of the tofu) - perfect for tofu because it absorbs the other flavors - divided it into thirds - cooked one and froze two - freezes beautifully just pop it into the oven when your ready for the next batch - (I reuse my little aluminum pans) just cover in plastic wrap then wrap in foil - remove plastic and replace foil when ready to cook the next one THIS STUFF IS DELICIOUS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS