Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What to Buy in February

If you are in the market to buy an IPad or tablet (whatever you call them these days), this would be a good month to do it. The new IPad 3's are coming or have just arrived (I'm not sure of the release date) so you can get some really great deals on the IPad 2's. Check into deals on the refurbished IPad2's also. The retailers will want to move those out to make room for the new models coming in.

Now is the time to buy your winter coats. Stores are already trying to unload their stock of coats and due to the mild winter this year there is more choices than ever. Great time to look for ski jackets, parkas and down jackets too!
When looking for the kids coats for next year, go up a size or two. It's better to be a little too big than too small.

If you need a get-away this month, try a ski resort. They are offering really good discounts this year due to the warmer weather and lack of snow. You can pick up some awesome package deals in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah and Keystone, Colorado right now.

New furniture is hitting the showroom floors this month, so retailers have to get rid of the old stock. If you are looking for a new sofa, now could be one of the best times. Prices on that bedroom set, coffee tables, etc. could be 40 - 50% off. Watch for huge sales coming up for President's Day. Furniture stores could run some hefty 3-day sales.

Okay, like you didn't see this one coming.....chocolate. Yes, it will be going, going, gone tomorrow at around 50% off. I know, you are thinking "I don't know what I'll do with a bunch of pink and red candy or chocolate (besides the obvious)." Did you think about this.....those red and pink M&M's make great chocolate pieces for chocolate chip cookies or in brownies.... You can make Red Hot Jelly from those cinnamon red hots. If you or a friend is getting married, stock up on the candy for the candy bar/buffet. Do you know someone who is having a baby girl?? Pink candy for the baby shower!! It's a great time to buy little romantic gifts, such as sild rose petals and heart shaped candles for a wedding shower gift basket. Use you imagination and take advantage of the sales!!
Oh, and don't forget stuffed animals!! A real bargain and they can be given for birthdays, Christmas or even to childrens charities.

Last but not least is fitness equipment. Retailers ordered up on this at Christmas and for the January craze on fitness that comes every new year. Now they have a bunch left over and the 6 weeks after resolutions have been made are faded. There is a lot of stock they need to move because peoples thoughts are soon turning to the outdoors and they want the room for outdoor sporting equipment. You can get good deals now.
For better deals, flash some cash and ask for bigger discounts. It works!!

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