Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tips to Save Money on Baby From Frugal Sally Readers

Here are some tips that Frugal Sally Readers sent in to help save money on babies and toddlers.

From Diane M. B.

A clean t-shirt of daddys put on over baby after you have dressed them will keep them ''clean'' until the special time arrives wonders !!!!! i raised 8 children..

From Sharon S.
I got a food mincer thing that minced up food like steak, etc up to baby food mixture. It took everything, fruit,veg, meat, and saved me a fortune in baby food, plus you don't have to wean them off commercial baby food onto proper food. Also cloth diapers saved a fortune too. Hand-me-down clothes where possible, hand-me-down toys, not wearing shoes until she could actually walk! Basically, I'm as frugal as i can be! Avoid plastic toys if possible, go for wood. They last years longer. And avoid the 'current must-have'. Within 1 year, they will have grown out of whatever it is and be into something else. There is time enough for all that when they reach 6-7 yrs and get into something that will last a few years. Paint the nursery a neutral colour. You can use posters to bring colour and whatever the current trend is into the room. I also didn't use a moses basket and went straight to a cot, then out of a cot into a single bed (avoiding a cot bed, you have to get a single bed eventually anyway). You only need 1-2 outfits for the first 3 months for going out. Use babygrows the rest of the time. They are much cheaper.

From Traci L. T.
What helped us with our long skinny baby was getting onesies with an extra row of snaps. He was able to wear them much longer

From Amanda P.
If people offer you clothes, take them! You can 'shop' through hand-me downs. If something is not your taste, you can pass along to someone else or to an organization such as the Salvation Army. Even if it nets you just a few pieces, it's worth going through! (Do throw away stained items, and also don't pass along stained things. It isn't frugal to give folks your yucky stuff- it's a time waster for everyone, and it is tacky!)

From Teri H.
My friend has twins and makes her own baby wipes. 1 tbsp baby oil and 1 tbsp baby liquidsoap mixed with 2 cups water. She uses the heavy duty napkins that are the Walmart brand, she folds them in half puts them in a tub used for wipes and pours the water mixture over them! They are awesome!

From Cyndi S. K.
Corn starch when changing a diaper is cheaper than powder and prevents diaper rash.

From Molly T.
Don't buy too much. They outgrow toys and clothes fast. Just buy in stages as needed.

From Susan Knows-Best
Make your own baby food and fruit juices, much cheaper.

From Lynne G. T.
Blend all your babyfood. When making your own meal, cook just a little extra without the spices, blend with water to puree it, and then add some instant potatoes to get to the constituancy that you want it. Depending on how much your baby eats, freeze it in either ice cube trays or little containers. I found that using the instant potatoes, you can freeze them and they are much better than using the real potato. Works wonders and is so much cheaper

I make my grandson's food and drink the same way I did my own kids 20 odd years ago. If money is tight you can use take a few apples or pears, and make enough food, drink and icepops for a week or more. I don't waste anything. Once I've boiled oranges to make orange flavored water, I take the skin and either save it towards future marmalade or put it in a mason jar with white vinegar for cleaning. I can make a couple of gallons of baby juice for less than the price of one shop bought bottle. Save the fruit after with a little of the cooled juice, add it to custard for baby desserts. There's a lot of ways for young parents to cut costs.

From Natalia V. M. M.

 Thrift shops!!! They go through clothes like theres no tommorow, and honestly there really a need for a baby to have 5 pairs or sneakers?
 Ice cube trays are awesome as they waste less food and you defrost as many or as few cubes as they will take at the time
From Michael R.
If u r formula feeding sign up and have family members sign up with the brand. We received many containers of formula and 5$ coupons from Simulac.
From Regina C. P.
I think using those little diaper holders and using clothe diapers would save lots of money-not sure what they're called, I wish they were around when my babies were babies 
From Stacey L. M.
Shopping thrift stores and consignment sales for everything from clothes to toys swings high chairs etc there is no need in buying new they outgrow it very quickly
From Renee W-W.
Breast feed if you possibly can. It's free and specifically made for your baby.
From Debbie R. M.
Garage sales are a great way to find anything baby...from cribs to clothes to swings, toys, etc. Also, with a newborn, or very young baby, when they are colicky, running a vacuum cleaner will put a screaming baby to

From Nicole R.

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