Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Country Style Wedding Ideas

I'm actually collecting these ideas for a friend who is having a country wedding.  But some of the ideas can be used for other occassions as well. 

Love the red and white gingham but you could use the fabric of your choice (maybe camo).  You coud do this idea with apples or even bottles of beer.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ My Farmhouse Love ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Cooling Off ~ Farmhouse Style . . . .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ My Farmhouse Love ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This looks easy enough to make.  You could even use leather.
Photo: Like ???? I want to see how many like this because I sure do.

Use a cowboy hat instead of the traditional flower girl basket!
Photo: Use a cowboy hat instead of the traditional flower girl basket!

These are actually very easy to make.  A candlestick holder, a mason jar and some E-6000 glue and you have some country toasting goblets.
Photo: These are awesome!

What a lovely way to seat the guests.  Burlap over hay bails is a nice touch.

Outdoor Country Wedding Ceremony
Transportation to the wedding.....
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Waikato country wedding by Wildwood

Reception area....Love this!
Under the stars...

Use shotgun casings for place cards..
Country wedding :-) hahahaha- her groom would love this

Ice cold beer in a wheelbarrow of ice
Dash Photography: Country Wedding Theme

This would be a frugal idea for decorating tables at the reception.

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