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how to kill spiders naturally - Yahoo! Search Results

how to get rid of spiders

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how to kill spiders naturally - Yahoo! Search Results

How Do You Get Rid of Spiders?

There are lots of things you can do to get rid of spiders of all species that, when used in conjunction with each other, will put a huge dent in your spider population. Protect yourself when spider-proofing your home and yard: wear shoes, long pants with the legs tucked into your socks, a long-sleeved shirt (also tucked in), and gloves.
  • Keep a clean house. Keep dishes, counters, and tables clean and floors swept and vacuumed. Little bits of food will lure in other pests that will make spiders want to come in, stay in, and eat them.
  • Reduce clutter. Clutter provides hiding places for spiders. Keep all laundry picked up and don't leave newspapers and magazines around. Use common sense. If it's on the floor and shouldn't be there, pick it up. Oh, and quit storing wood inside.
  • Use proper storage methods. Store items (blankets, clothing, etc.) not being used in plastic bins with tight-fitting lids. Don't use cardboard boxes. They're too easy for spiders to get into.
  • Control moisture levels. Fix leaky faucets and pipes, insulate water pipes to avoid condensation, and set up some dehumidifiers.
  • Kill spiders with a broom. Use a broom indoors to squash spiders and their egg sacs. Pay special attention to corners at the floor and the ceiling as well as behind furniture.
  • Don't allow spiders in. Caulk around all wires, cables, and faucets entering your house as well as around electrical components like lights and outlets. Fix holes in screens, affix insect screening to your vents, fix cracks in the foundation, and install door sweeps. For more tips, read our article on home pest control.
  • Change outdoor lighting. Outdoor lights attract the bugs that attract the spiders. Either don't use outdoor lighting or switch to yellow sodium lights.
  • Clear vegetation away from the house. Vegetation provides shelter for spiders. Move all plants away from the house, trim trees and bushes, remove English Ivy, and get rid of the mulch.
  • Dispose of outdoor debris piles. This includes rocks, brush, wood, and leaves.
  • Change the habitat of known spider harborages. If you've seen a spider there once, you'll see one there again unless you make that spot uninhabitable to spiders. Add light, remove whatever was making them feel safe, and plug any holes/cracks that they may have been hiding in.
  • Kill spiders with pesticides. There are numerous pesticides (both chemical and natural) available that work great for killing spiders.

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