Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Inexpensive Kids Birthday Party Games

Inexpensive Kids Birthday Party Games         


Be sure to ask your child what games he or she would like to play at the party when you are making the grand plan. Many of the classic games can be adapted to fit in with the theme of the birthday party. For instance, pin the tail on the donkey could be converted to pin the tiara on the princess for a little princess themed party. Of course, when choosing the games, be sure to consider the location and make sure that there is plenty of room to play the game. Obviously a game of laser tag wouldn't be good choice for an indoor room at your church.

1. Classic Favorites - Play games like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, hot potato, duck-duck-goose, red light/green light, musical chairs, Captain May I or Simon says.

2. Egg Hunt - Places like Sam's Club now sell huge buckets of plastic eggs prefilled with candy and other little trinkets for kids. They come in different colors and themes such as camouflage making them an excellent year round choice. The great thing about the egg hunt is that everyone gets a little prize.

3) Lifesaver Relay Game - Split the kids into teams of 4 players and give each kid a toothpick. Each team is given one lifesaver candy and team members stand in a straight line next to each other. Each player must pass the lifesaver from their toothpick to the next person in line's toothpick (they can use only the one hand that their toothpick is in). If the lifesaver falls to the ground, the team must start over. The team that passes it down the line and back up the line to the original person wins the game.

4) Pinata Game - Use your creativity and make a pinata using balloons and paper mache that fits in with the theme of the party. Buy in bulk a bunch of candy or other little trinkets to put inside the pinata.

5) Wrap The Mummy Game - You just need to buy super cheap toilet paper in bulk. At the party, break the kids into pairs with one child as the wrapper and one child as the mummy. In a set amount of time, have the kids wrap the toilet paper around the mummy. When the timer goes off, whoever has the best wrapped mummy wins the game.

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