Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Massage Oil for Baby

 Massage Oil for Baby

Adapted from Herbal Crafts by Jessie Hawkins)
Makes 2 ounces
1 tablespoon apricot kernel oil (available at most health food stores)
½ tablespoon olive oil
½ tablespoon coconut oil (melt over low heat if solid)
5 to 10 drops lavender essential oil
(Babies can be very sensitive to smell. Start with a few drops of essential oil and increase the amount one drop at a time, watching to see how your child responds, or use unscented if concerned.)
To Make: Measure all ingredients into a clean bowl and stir to combine. Pour into a 2-ounce glass bottle. Or, measure directly into the bottle, cap tightly and shake to blend.
(This is a great opportunity to re-purpose any small glass bottles you have saved from herbal formulas, vanilla extract, spices, and so on.)

Photo by A Delightful Home

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