Monday, September 3, 2012

Pet Toys Made From Recycled Items

DIY Homemade Dog Rope Toy Made of Recycled Dish Towels:101 Dog Care Tips- Tip 42

dog-bowlDogs are playful and are always in a good mood for a romp-fest and chew toy. If your dog has a fascination with a good game of tug of woof then he will love this easy homemade dog rope toy. Our friends at Real Simple has a creative craft project that is not only dog friendly but earth friendly. Now you can throw the planet a bone by putting those old dish towels to work. Recycle your dingy, laundered dish towels and give them a new leash on life. You don't have to be a craft guru to get crafting away, all you need are 3 laundered dish towels and a pair of scissors for this fun project.
Materials needed:
(3) clean old dish towels
(1) pair of scissors
What you do:
1. Cut an inch-wide strip from one short end each of two towels.
2. Bunch together the three towels and firmly tie one strip around an end to join them. Tightly braid the towels, then tie the other end with the second strip.
With these simple materials, some creativity and few minutes of your time you can get your dogs tail wagging with joy. Going green just got funner! Fun for Fido and fun cost savings for you!!

Best Bully Sticks

Recycled T-shirt - Dogs Tugga Toy

Image for Recycled T-shirt - Dogs Tugga Toy DIY Craft Project
20 1 inch x 20 inch (2.5cm x 50cm) Recycled stretch knit from pants or tops in assorted colors
Plastic Bottle Treat Toy: Oh the ubiquitous empty plastic water bottle. I know you’ve got some lying around waiting to be recycled. Before you dump them in the recycling bin, let your dog have a go at them. Put a few treats in a 16-ounce or larger size bottle, cap it, then toss it for your dog. He’ll chomp on it, bat it around, and do anything he can to get those treats out. Supervise your dog when he plays with this to prevent choking. Discard the bottle cap as soon as he gets it out.Take the bottle from him when he gets the treats out to prevent any injuries from splinters.
By Lisa-Anne Manolius

Sock It To Me: Put some dog treats in the toe of a sock and knot the sock on itself close to the toe end. Put that sock inside the toe of another sock and knot the second sock on itself. There you have it – a homemade treat puzzle toy!
By Lisa-Anne Manolius
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