Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's Not About Having What You Want

I read a quote today that made me think about what I want.  My answer is that I don't think there is anything.  There are things I would like someday, like to travel, to retire comfortably, to spend more time with the grandchildren, but I don't "want" really anything.
I don't have a big home, in fact it is quite small.  I don't have a fancy car or jewelry.  I don't have cable TV or a fancy cell phone.  I own 4 pairs of pants and 3 pairs of shoes....and I'm happy with that.   So why don't I want anything?  That's simple.
When I was younger, I had the "I wants".  I also had debt and stress and my life was complicated.  I worried all the time.  I worried to the point of losing sleep and I worked to the point of exhaustion.  Was it worth it?  I thought it was. 
Then I started to think about things like by the time I pay for this on my charge card it won't be worth having or I won't even want it anymore.  The thought that I was paying so much more for it because of the interest adding up made me sick.  What was really strange was the less money I had, the more I wanted to go out and shop.  This could not keep going on.
We put our minds to paying off our debt and build an emergency fund.  It took us just short of 2 years of being super intense about paying off our debt and another year to fully fund our emergency fund.  When that was done we started investing.   Something happened along the way.  Something really wonderful.  Seems that now that I can afford what I wanted .....I just don't want it anymore.   I can go to a store and just about get what I want and I just don't want to.  I guess it's true that if you eat enough lobster it starts to taste like soap. 
My life is good and I've never been happier.  It is uncomplicated and I don't really worry anymore (just about the kids, but hey that's what mothers do).  I like (no, I LOVE it) that way.  The quote is right on - It's not about having what you want, it's about wanting what you have!

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